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About Me

Jen started her career in the roofing industry in 2017 working with SRS, and quickly was recruited as a Sales Manager and then promoted to General Manager, taking the roofing company from 1.3 million to over 7 million in 18 months. Unfortunately, due to divorce complications the roofing company closed its doors and Jen started her own roofing company. 





Her unique approach to insurance related re-roofing work, and her commitment to consumer education, has shaken up the status quo in the restoration industry, and has made her one of the most recognized and sought out leaders in the space.

Jen uses her deep understanding of business operations and unsurpassed emotional intelligence to help teams maximize their operational efficiency, through understanding each person’s unique traits and talents. Thus, teaching leaders how to leverage strengths and compensate for opportunities, with in their teams, to reach the organization’s goals.

Jen is a creative, big picture thinker with an eye for recognizing things that are missing or possible challenges that could arise. She is equally effective in both creating and communicating a vision, as well as a detailed plan for implementation.


Jen has been featured on the cover of “The Roofing Contractor Magazine”, and featured on over 50 podcasts. She won The “Ben Menchaca” award for industry impact in 2022 for the educational tour that she put together. She has spoken at The International Roofing Expo, RoofCon, Roofing Process Conference, Door to Door Con, SolarCon, SRC Summit, Best of Success, and many other smaller expos or events. She is an extra value speaker for GAF, and has worked with almost every manufacturer and distributor to provide training both internally and to their contractors. She has helped many roofing companies overcome the challenges of the insurance industry and learn how to operate and sustain a business long term.

The Story of My Life

Now... Just How Did I Get Here?

Back when my roofing company was struggling, without even a shoestring for a marketing budget, we had to start thinking differently.

One day, as my team and I sat around my kitchen table brainstorming on how to create a brand without having the capital to invest in marketing, we decided to go all-in on branding me.

We were looking for a hail mary to save our roofing company.

Since we are one of the only exclusively female-owned roofing companies in the United States, it set us apart from other roofing companies in Utah.

We decided to show the world what a woman-owned business could achieve.

It wasn’t just that I was a woman that made me stand out.

It is my story, my perseverance, and my “why” that has really created interest.

Being an owner of a roofing company would not have been something I even thought fathomable a couple of years ago.

I Used to Feel Hopeless...

In 2016, as the single mom of four kids going through a divorce, I found myself wondering, “Now what, I have been a stay at home mom for 6 years. How am I going to provide for my family and what do I want to do with the rest of my life.”

Prior to being married, I spent my 20s climbing the leadership ladder in the retail world. At 21, I was promoted to one of the youngest managers in the history of Brinker.

By 24 I was a GM for another restaurant chain (managing lots of different personality types.) Then at 27, I was an Area Training manager and assistant Area Director for a grocery store chain.

I loved what I did, but I hated the unconventional hours.

Ultimately, I left it all behind and moved to Japan to support my then-husband’s military career. After the divorce, I moved back to the United States and was lost…

I knew I didn’t want to go back into the retail world, working long hours to climb the corporate ladder, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be when I grew up… this time.

I didn’t know many people in Utah, and if I wanted to get the right job, I needed to meet the right people. After a few months of waiting tables and bartending, I had begun to build a great network of people.

That’s when I decided that outside sales would be an excellent fit for me as a single mom.

That was a scary decision, so I wanted to work in a stable industry.

Construction made sense, and bringing a feminine perspective to a predominantly male industry lit my soul on fire as someone who loves to make a difference.

Some women fear the fire. Others just become it.

Until I Found My "Why"

Thus it began.

I started working the front desk at SRS, learning all things roofing, then became a sales manager and eventually a general manager for a Utah Roofing company.

I came into the roofing industry eager to learn and grow. I got my general contractor’s license to become the qualifier for the company that I was working for as the GM…

But then, due to legal complications, that company went out of business.

So, now I found myself with a great team, doing something I loved, and I was licensed to start my own roofing company, and so I did.

Through hard work, innovation, perseverance, and commitment to service, I found myself running one of the top-rated roofing companies in Utah. 

Now I'm on a Mission

I want to help leaders, entrepreneurs, and single parents everywhere get unstuck.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, the boss, or a single parent, fear is the biggest thing that keeps you from achieving your goals and dreams.

I believe we can face our fears with logic and work through them so that we can finally have the life that we want.

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