Finally master the basics of your business finances.

Learn basic accounting and reporting, build a budget that accounts for all predicated overhead, develop a plan for sales, and know your breakeven amount based on fixed and variable overhead cost which helps you determine your price and volume. 

VIRTUAL BUsiness finance CLASS


Tired of cash flow challenges?

Master your cash flow and  understand how to plan for your fixed and variable costs.

 Take a vacation (without worrying about how you'll pay for it!).

Finally feel in control of your business’s finances and prepared for the year ahead.

All of this is possible when you learn to master your business finances. Come learn from Jen, a seasoned CEO who knows firsthand the freedom that comes when you are in control of your business cash flow.


Here's what you'll learn each day (we'll meet virtually):

Go over basic terminology, Tax Strategy, bookkeeping, and what reports you should be looking at and why, company culture, plan and vision for 2023.

day one

12 pm - 4 pm mst

day two

Go over a thorough lesson on job costing, employee job descriptions, corporate structure and sales cycles and job flow chart. We will also walk through the budget sheet the prepare for Day 3.

12 pm - 4 pm MST

Taking your business's historical data, we will create a budget in all areas of your business for 2023. You will find your breakeven point, based on fixed and variable overhead, which will allow you to determine your price point and volume needed to get there.

day three

10 am - 2 pm mst

"This class gives businesses an insight on what really is important on keeping good records"

"It’s empowering having the ability to make company decisions based on actual data."

"[This content] is the foundation of starting something new. It’s absolutely critical to be successful, and to be able to scale."

- Deborah Zupke 

Testimonials from Past Students

Plus! You'll also receive 6 mastermind sessions in 2023 to help you address challenges and questions in execution.

Interested in learning from Jen how to finally master your basic business finances? Sign up today!

  • 3 once monthly sessions will be held the months immediately following your class
  • 3 once quarterly sessions will follow after monthly sessions are completed