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Finding Great People: Interview with SJK Business Coaching

Women in Roofing Media Interview at International Roofing Expo 2021

Building a Brand with Social Media: Interview with Roofers and Exteriors

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Jen Silver and Quentin Super side by side.

Learn how I got my start in roofing, and where I think the future is headed.

Interview with Quentin Super: My Journey through Roofing

Listen now to this interview with CoffeeCast where I discuss how I got started with my business, and why we implemented such a unique model when it comes to consumer roofing.

Who owns the Roof? An interview with CoffeeCast

Jen Silver Roofing Utah

What does it mean to be a millenial whisperer? How did I become Jen Silver? Listen to this podcast with The Thy Neighbor Podcast to find out!

The Thy Neighbor Podcast: Becoming Jen Silver

Jen Silver_Roofing Utah_restoration roofing

Learn why (and how) I decided to take the complexity out of restoration work by bidding it the same as retail.

Taking the drama out of Restoration Roofing

Jen Silver_Roofing Utah

For most home shoppers, any mention of roof damage is enough to send them sprinting in the opposite direction.

But should a faulty roof scare you off, or does it present an opportunity to negotiate the price of the home? Jen Silver is the president of Roofing Utah and is here to share her expertise.

Interview with Utah Real Estate: Roofing Issues

Jen Silver_Roofing Utah

After starting my own roofing firm, and experiencing little traction, I decided to go all in on social media to start growing my business – and it worked. Read this interview to see how social media marketing finally got my business the traction we so desperately needed.

How I Used Social Media to Build My Brand

Jen Silver_Roofing Utah

It was an honor to be a featured guest at the International Roofing Expo 2021. Read this article for my words of wisdom on expanding your product line.

Featured Panelist: International Roofing Expo 2021

Jen Silver_Roofing Utah

Millenials are often seen as lazy by potential employers, and unhireable. However, by learning to how to hire and train millenials, I was able to take my business to the next level.

Cracking the Millenial Market for Talent

Jen and Female Team Member

Entrepreneurship can be scary, especially as a female. When I started my roofing company, there was something big I wish I had known. Watch this video I did representing National Women in Roofing, and hear the advice I would give to anyone woman starting a roofing company.

National Women in Roofing Interview