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It was a great experience that was made even better by the unique group of people from all different types of businesses and backgrounds.  I was not anticipating the focus on personal growth but I think that section was the most impactful!

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Results from Past Students

I attended Jen’s Mastermind. I didn’t know what to expect so I had an open mind. It completely exceeded expectations. I learned so much valuable information about myself personally and professionally. It has helped me view aspects of life from a new perspective. I have a much healthier and positive outlook overall. Added bonus was meeting and staying connected with lifelong colleagues who I am pleased to now call friends. Highly recommend.

Jen’s mastermind was a mind opening and invaluable experience into supporting my goals for my business and personal growth. With her intellect and emotional intelligence, she helped me push past concepts that were blocking me from being a better business owner and better person. I can’t express highly enough about the entire experience and what it meant to be invited and be a part of it. I look forward to being
able to join another one in the future.


Last minute, I decided to attend Women’s Mastermind+ Retreat. Best decision ever! The knowledge, the support, and life long friendships I received from that weekend will stay with me forever. Definitely recommend!!!

Past Participant

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