Jen Silver

Taking the drama out of Restoration Roofing

By Jen Silver

By Jen Silver

Last Modified: November 15, 2023
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I know I’m not alone in thinking this: Restoration Roofing contractors spend too much time (time we really don’t have) on the phone with insurance companies, with whom we have no contract with and therefore no recourse, chasing money, negotiating supplements, and or just trying to find out if emails have been received.

So when I started my own roofing company, I decided while we would provide restoration services to our customers, we were done talking to insurance companies and trying justify why all necessary components were required and we should be paid for all components on a roofing project.

Instead, I decided to take the complexity out of restoration work by bidding it the same as retail. This means that when a consumer needs a new roof, instead of being a part of the tangled web that is xactimate/ supplementing/ negotiating, we would focus solely on what we “should” as a Roofing Contractor, as I once heard Steve Shannon say… “Is it broke, what’s it gonna take to fix it, and how much does it cost”.

With all the new time we have, and being paid properly, we can provide our customers with better customer service, retain talent, and support homeowners (who are in contract with the carrier) by giving them all the documentation they need to be properly indemnified. We simply, once we have confirmed coverage (we only care about the number of squares) provide them with a bid, offer financing, complete the job, and then provide them with all the supporting images and information they need to submit to their carrier for their claim.

Our financing options allow them to complete their project and submit a paid in full receipt to their carrier which has been a quick affective way for them to be reimbursed. Financing also gives them the option of paying off their loan before the 12-month same as cash period ends, or with it rolling into a 5-year fixed at 6.99% they can choose to pay off other loans or simply have reserved cash.

In the past almost 2 years, since I have been doing this, we have had no homeowners complain or struggle with this process. In fact, I know this model is actually better for the consumer as it provides them with more financial flexibility and a less complicated process, while forcing them to become educated in their own policy and coverage

Last month I sat down with Mathew Mulholland, a public adjuster and host of Listen to this Bull, and explained why the retail model is the better option for contractors, consumers, and even carriers!

Watch the interview on YouTube to find out…

– Why I believe the retail model is better for everyone involved in restoration work
– The options I give consumers for getting their new roof if insurance won’t pay
– My process for completing restoration work, without ever talking to a claims adjustor

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